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June 2012
  • Here we are at the end of the prayer shield. Thanks so                                                                                 much for those who joined me here on facebook, came to                                                                                 the worship gatherings and prayed during every day life! I felt                                                                             on the last day of the Tranformation conference (Thursday)                                                                           The Father was activating us by His Holy Spirit, through Ed so                                                                        that we might realise our potential wherever we found ourselves                                                                     as His church. Some of you may have seen a picture I then                                                                       posted on Twitter a day later as I stood to lead worship at                                                                         Beacon House  of Prayer. Lord we declare.. This is our time!..                                                                       Take us, use us for your glory to see our communities across the                                                                 land transformed forever.
  • What a privilege to lead worship at this transformation easy place where many are ready and have a heart to worship and glorify Jesus. Help us again tomorrow,Lord as we open up our hearts and lives to You
October 2012


  • Well, what a great morning at St Peter's Academy! An hour to worship, take communion (thank you Rev Dave Street!) , see pupils engage in drama, music and a thought provoking message from Katie Britton. A packed hall. We pray that something of the reality of choosing Jesus and the choice of sowing in seed that will produce good fruit will find its way into many lives. Praise God for openness and for opportunity. Please continue to pray for the principal, Joe Burns and the newly appointed Chaplain, Maria Rubin as they continue to steer and nurture the Academy, especially into 2013 when 2 sites become one in their purpose built facility.
  • Great time at St Annes Primary today.. sharing in RE class about Christians and the Arts, Testimony, words from the children about how they'd describe God, then 20 mins to write a song before the head teacher came in for a listen..No pressure!!! ....So, glad that the doors of education are still wide open to us right now.. off to St Peter's Academy tomorrow, Choir Practice getting ready for Contemporary Harvest on 2 sites next's busy but exciting and full of opportunity!
  • What a privilege to host the first group of musicians/leaders at presence worship interchange.. Plans abandoned, hearts open, reality of relationship, desire for God... that's a good start!.. — at Beacon House of Prayer
  • The first week of October see the beginings of the first presence worship interchange small group sessions. I'll be sharing with some musicians and potential leaders who will be encouraged to develop their skills and lifestyle of worship

September 2012:


  • ​Great evening with Civic Leaders at County Council HQ. A real openness to prayer for the region and nation. Privilege to lead worship in this setting where decisions for communities are made.

  • Released new web portal: An online resource for musicians and worship leaders, a connecting place and a part of new mentoring opportunities locally.
  • Significant gathering with local leaders on a 24 hour retreat, leading worship and sharing each others heart for transformation in 2012

  • More engagement with council representatives and church leaders as I visit Cheshire County Council Headquarters in Sanbach to lead worship for Arise Cheshire East Network

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